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Stop Negative Thoughts and Change Your Life

Do you ever find yourself mentally exhausted and stressed over the many things going on in your life. Perhaps you need to stop the negative thoughts that are constantly racing in your head.

You can stop the negative thinking, conquer stress and change your life by controlling the things you say to yourself, and the environments you spend time in.

By reducing stress you can relax more, and enjoy a happier life. I know about reducing stress. I played pro ball and baseball is a failure sport. The best .300 hitters 3/10, fail 70% of the time! I learned early in my life how to handle stress and failure. It helped me survive 7 years in the minors, for a cup of coffee in the big leagues. I would always have a plan, and visualize good results regardless of what was happening around me.

You already know about lowering stress by reducing or eliminating TV time, social media, and 24 hour news channels. I'm talking about the negative, and anxious thoughts that are constantly running through your head. Replace them with optimism, and positive visualization, reframe everything to your benefit.

It is a known fact that your body reflects your most dominant thoughts. There is a psychosomatic relationship, psyche-soma, mind-body relationship. Fears and worries raise your cortisol levels (your body's built in alarm system) which in turn raises anxiety, which leads to stress. Be a winner, I tell my personal development clients to eliminate all negative thinking, and negative visuals. You need to override any negative chatter in your head by reframing anything that happens to you as a benefit, or a learning experience. Positive visualizations and mantras such as, "I'll do better next time", "there's' nothing to fear", "I can handle this", "I'll be ok", "there's' no such thing as failure, its' just a learning experience", always help. Say whatever you have to, and believe it, internalize it. It will put you in a positive state of mind, energized and better equipped to handle anything.

Surround yourself with positive people, in healthy environments, that will encourage you. Fuel your body with healthy meals. The gloom and doom crowd are going nowhere, and they're just looking for company. Smart people stay away from negativism, and pessimism. They don't accept it when it enters their minds. Optimism, positive mindsets, motivation, and a 'can do' spirit dominates their lives. We all have adversity, and difficult, sometimes scary situations to deal with, but adding to it with negative thoughts, just compounds the distress to the point you can't think straight. Which adds more anxiety, and continues an endless negative thought loop. Being stuck in a negative thinking loop takes it's toll on your mental health. Eliminate all negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations. See a successful accomplishment in your minds' eye. Keep repeating that visual, anytime a negative thought or doubt surfaces. Put yourself in a better position mentally to handle anything by being self-aware, changing your thoughts, your attitude, your mindset. Your life.

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

― Lao Tzu

In addition to positive self-talk, take these simple Action steps

Visualization: Begin with the end in mind. Clearly see a positive result in your minds' eye

Take very deep breaths 4 seconds in, 7 seconds out and be grateful for what you have

Ask yourself "What if it works" What if what you're trying to accomplish works out!

Change your physiology, stand straight, square shoulders, chest open, make eye contact

Stop worrying about what other's think or say. Trust yourself, and your instincts

Be of service, help someone. Its' amazing how good you'll feel about yourself

Don't play the victim card. Its' your life, its' your responsibility

Surround yourself with healthy, positive people, that encourage you

Don't try to change anyone, they need to be willing to change themselves

Stop trying to prove you're right

Laugh, sing, and dance often. It just works

You've got this -Swing for the Stars Danny Garcia

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