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Personal Life coach Danny Garcia

 Danny Garcia

  Baseball Instructor 

   Athlete Mindset Coach

          My journey has been far, wide, and fun. I've been lucky to have traveled the world playing, and coaching baseball.  I’ve learned so much about life from so many great people, and for that I am humbly grateful.  

        I played baseball for a Division 3 New York City College, yet somehow enjoyed 7 years of professional baseball, played in the Major Leagues, in Yankee Stadium, in front of my family and friends, and have enjoyed 35+ years in professional baseball as a player, coach, and scout.  I'm a firm believer that you can reach your personal realistic life goals, or peak sports performance level if you have the right mindset and are willing to do what is necessary to build your confidence and competence in any aspect of your life.

      By embracing techniques such as positive visualization, mental discipline, perseverance, laser focus, some luck, and proper direction from an experienced mentor or personal coach, you can succeed in getting to the next level of your life. We all face roadblocks such as fear, and anxiety but we can overcome them to achieve the behavior changes necessary to achieve our goals.      

       After retiring from playing I returned to the game, first as a minor league hitting coach with the San Diego Padres, followed  by becoming an MLB scout and Latin American Coordinator with the Milwaukee Brewers.  Eventually a Special Assistant to the GM, Player Personnel, for the Baltimore Orioles. I  was fortunate to travel everywhere, Australia, Korea, Japan, and all over Latin America, coaching, evaluating, listening, and observing different cultures and techniques. Academically trained in behavioral psychology, I began utilizing my observational knowledge of how the mind and body work together by helping the athletes around me.  I’ve come to realize, as Yogi Berra said,

"Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical !"

Success and Happiness in Life is the same, its' all in your head.

Yogi Berra and Danny Garcia personal life coach

         I was cut from high school tryouts. I wasn't good enough, or wasn’t part

of the local clique. After that wakeup call, I began forging my mental strength by improving my confidence and competence, and belief in myself. I made the team the next year and became captain. I share that story with my athletes knowing it will motivate them whenever they hit a roadblock, get cut from a team, or don't receive the promotion for a job they were qualified for. 

          Hopefully it inspires them to keep forging forward. Keep your eye on your prize.

       Foul off the tough pitches life throws at you, keep working hard, and believe in yourself, until you get your pitch, your opportunity. When you do, be ready, and hit it out of the park. 

                       Just be ready...   and Always…”Swing for the Stars”

 Fasten your seat belt we’re going for a ride !  You can't make this stuff up !

     I filled in for a friend for 1 week in April, then suddenly the NY Mets needed

an extra batboy for the remainder of the season, and guess who was there.

Remember what I said about luck I was 1 of 3 kids rotating from batboy, and

ball boy on both lines. There I was on the field and in the clubhouse with

Hall of Famers, manager Yogi Berra, Willie Mays, and Tom Seaver. In addition

to Tug McGraw, Rusty Staub, Felix Millan, and the whole crew are you kidding me.

                    We went to the World Series, but lost to Oakland in 7 games.

      I played baseball at Baruch college, NY. and for the 1974 Alaska Goldpanners. We were National Baseball Congress Champions that summer. All 16 players on that team were drafted in the following years including 5,1st round picks. Playing on that team gave me exposure to top scouts, who had never heard of my college. 'The UCLA of the East '– University on the Corner of Lexington Avenue! I was drafted in the 11th round of the 1975 Major League draft, #249. What were the KC Royals thinking?!

     The Montreal Expos drafted a future Hall of Famer with the 250th pick. I had the pleasure of meeting him when we were both Special Assistants to the GM   – Andre Dawson   

1973 NY Mets batboy Danny Garcia

       My playing life was similar to the movie "Bull Durham" I lived all 3 roles, aspiring player, aging veteran, and minor league coach. Playing 7 years in the minors, hitting .320 for Triple A Omaha Royals in1980 before getting a cup of espresso in '81 with the 1980 defending A.L. Champion Kansas City Royals.

      Remember what I said about luck, it works both ways.

    1981 was a strike year.  I remember manager Jim Frey telling me “we’re sending you down to Triple A so you can keep getting at bats, this strike shouldn’t last more than 2 weeks. You’ll be right back." Being an older ‘rookie’ , I said, “Skipper I’d rather be on strike in the Big Leagues, than playing everyday in Triple A !”  The strike lasted 2 months, they fired the manager afterwards, and my dream was over, I never saw it again. It was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had, 2 hits, played with Hall of Famer George Brett, went back home a big leaguer, on a championship team, playing right field in Yankee Stadium, exactly where Babe Ruth stood, with my Yankee friends Willie Randolph at 2B, and Reggie Jackson in right field.                   

    During these confusing times you must be smart, and leave your ego at the door, there is no option B.  

" In the midst of chaos, there is always Opportunity" -Sun Tzu

       Now I give back, still having fun as an Athlete Mindset Coach, and giving baseball hitting lessons to stay in the game.  I'm constantly updating my knowledge on neuroscience, sports psychology, and success strategies. I guide people on behavior change, mindset skills, reducing anxiety and physical health. Always pointing out the life insights I learned playing professional baseball and the similarities in enjoying a successful and happy personal life. The key is to have a plan, be true to your values, believe in yourself, have faith, be in the right positive mental state ready for your opportunity, and enjoy the ride.

               Control Your Thoughts, Control Your Destiny be ready, and “Always, Swing for the Stars !”

*Stay Safe*

Danny Garcia KC Royals
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