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      Send a Video of your ballplayer  *  I'll review it with Graphics and my Voiceover, point out what the player is doing correctly and recommend changes if needed to progress on a consistent basis. 

        You'll see immediate improvements in Hitting, throwing and Self-Confidence

     From anywhere in the U.S.A. Its' easy and convenient from the comfort of your backyard on a tee with a net, garage setup, or any field, Your player will receive professional baseball analysis and instruction all year round without having to travel.   I have the professional experience, and knowledge your player needs to improve and develop muscle memory skills throughout the year with the proper mechanics, mental approach, and the confidence they need to succeed. Players stay focused by seeing themselves constantly improving. I'm committed to helping the players' progress every step of the way.   

I'm your Personal Coach.

     Contact me, we'll talk, see if we're a good match, and if I'm the Coach for you.

     Baseball Specific Online Strength Training and Mental Skills Coaching also available

Danny Garcia KC Royals, Baseball hitting instructor

Swing Analysis 

             This is how it works. 

1. With your phone or tablet take a short full body, Side Profile video of your player, 3 or 4 reps, hitting,  or pitching. 

2. Text or email it to me  3. I'll review and analyze it, with graphics and my voiceover, send it back to you within 2 / 3 days. I'll suggest a drill for you to work on.

 You'll see improvement in your player's mechanics and self-confidence.
4 video reviews $140. 

  All you need is a safe place to hit, or throw a baseball.

  • Hitters: A safe place to hit a baseball, off a T into a net. or live pitching. Just 3 or 4 reps.

  • Pitchers:  A pop-up net in a yard is a simple and effective set-up, or pitching to a friend.

  I utilize the Coach's Eye platform for video analysis. You'll get the professional analysis, adjustments, and attention you deserve.

Please read my Terms of Service.

  • Get in touch with me, I'll answer your questions, ask a few myself, regarding your player. 
    The preference for video submission is via text but you can email as well. (Phone number to text to will be provided upon purchase of subscription package)

  You get a professional evaluation, suggestions, and mental skills training to work on.  Due to the level of my lessons and video reviews, I work with Self-Motivated athletes 11 years old, to Professionals.

 Take the first step with a thorough initial assessment (Hitting or Pitching) from Coach Danny G. I'll analyze your mechanics, point out any issues and recommend any necessary changes needed to progress on a consistent basis. I can also provide strengthening drills.

Danny Garcia Hitting Lesson

       Private Lessons consist of fundamental T work, adjustments to mechanics, mental skills training, soft toss and BP.  Whenever you work with Coach Danny G, you can trust that you’ll work smart, have fun, have a plan, increase your mental skills, and learn the real game within the game.

       Learn to Think and Hit Like a Pro by a Pro

       Individual  30 minutes lesson $70.   1 hour  $120

30 minute 5 pack  $300.                 1 hour 5 pack $500

2 Players 1hr.  $75 each

     I work with motivated individuals from 11 years old, to professionals. 

    Contact me for professional fees and expenses. Professionals: 1 hour,  several days, extensive video review, mechanical adjustments, and mental approach training.


Off season, contact me for Baseball Specific Online Personal Training and Mental Skills Plan

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