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Hitting Lessons
Mental Performance Coach
Danny Garcia Hitting lesson

       Hitting Lessons consist of fundamental T work, adjustments to mechanics, mental skills training, soft toss and bp.  Whenever you work with Coach Danny G, you’ll work smart, have fun, with a plan, increase your mechanical and mental skills, be motivated while learning the real game inside the game.

       Learn to Think and Hit Like a Pro by a Pro

       Individual  45 minute Lessons $70.    1 hour 5 pack $400

           30 minute Indoor Lessons available  $70.  1hr $120.    

            I work with motivated individuals 11 years old to professionals. 

        Indoor lessons and off season, baseball specific strengthening drills, with mindset talks available.

    Contact me for professional player fees and expenses. Professionals: 1 hour,  several days, extensive video review, mechanical adjustments, pitch recognition, and mindset training.

    Let's talk, see if we're a good match, and if I'm the Coach for you.

Swing Analysis 

Danny Garcia KC Royals, Baseball hitting instructor

 Take the first step with a thorough initial Hitting assessment.  I'll analyze your mechanics, point out any issues and recommend any necessary changes needed to progress on a consistent basis.

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