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Mental Performance Coaching

       To achieve success, your life values, mental state, self-confidence, self-projection, and mental discipline are paramount.  As a former pro athlete I know the value of having your own professional coach to help you stay mentally focused and strong as you perform your individual sport. I'll encourage you to be accountable for your actions or inactions as you move towards your major objective. As your partner, I'm with you every step of the way. I'll check in on you and your activity coach to gauge your mental focus and progress.

      I'll keep you into Action Mode. It's about taking the 1st. step, beginning the process and continuing.  Utilizing 35 years of professional playing and coaching experience, and the mental skills training I learned as a pro athlete. You will strengthen your weaknesses, refocus your mindset, develop more confidence, and resilience. Utilizing techniques such as deep breathing, visualization, mindfulness and self-talk.

       Having a plan, along with a confident mindset, are the key. You'll be supported, as you make progress and with empathy, held accountable. 3 steps forward, 1 step back, that's ok, but keep the process going. Yes, there is fear of failure, but more insidious is the fear of success, because it's subconscious, and detrimental over time. We will get to the truth of any mental blocks you may have. You will relax and be more confident. 

      My goal is to reframe your mindset, build self-confidence, and help you become your own best coach.

      Lets' talk, I'll answer your questions, and ask a few myself. We'll design a clear path for your success, and together help you get to the big leagues of your life!  

      Successful coaching is about trust, and your comfort level. My goal is getting you in the right mental state, to make better breakthroughs, so you can become your own best coach. 

      Ask a better question, receive a better answer. 

Before our session I'll send you a few questions. Many clients realize they've made progress just by answering the preliminary questions. After the session we can decide if coaching is what you need, and if I'm the Coach for you.  

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