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Baseball Video Swing Analysis

Baseball video swing analysis is extremely important to a players’ progress, and preparation.

Various research reports have shown that 65% of us learn visually.[1] We have to ‘see’ what is being taught. Many times, an athlete doesn’t realize how they look when performing a certain skill. By watching video of themselves actually going through the skill set they get to see how they are performing, and if there can be improvements to their mechanics. There are many instances when a coach or a parent will tell a player what they see, and the player just doesn’t believe it. But when they see themselves in a video, and you follow that with a side by side video of the proper mechanics involved, they have an ‘aha’! moment, and a visual memory is imprinted in their brain. They now have a reference point, and the self-motivation to improve, because internally, they can't dispute it.

That is why professional baseball players get to the ballpark at 2pm for a 7pm game. They watch videos of themselves in different situations, correcting any flaws, and also watch video of that day’s opposing pitcher. His arm angle, different pitches, and any patterns they notice. This is before they start batting practice! Always looking to improve.

As a hitting coach I give my players that same video analysis, with graphics. You get an experienced former professional player and scout reviewing your video, recommending adjustments as necessary, and suggesting drills or mental approaches to correct any flaws. It truly is a game changer, and an extra tool to give you a winning edge.

Reference: [1] Bradford, William C., Reaching the Visual Learner; (September 1, 2011) Available at SSRN:

About the Author:

Danny Garcia is a former Major League baseball player with the KC Royals. He enjoyed a 7 year minor league career as an outfielder, and has traveled throughout the world as a player, scout, and coach. Academically trained in sports psychology, and behavioral change. He is a personal coach and baseball instructor, specializing on the mental approach to the game, and life. He often writes on the insights he learned as a professional athlete to help others lead an enjoyable and successful personal life.

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