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Winning  Coaching Plans

       Personal Development  
       Online Life Coaching 

Image by Sean O.

I'll help you realize your aspirations and navigate through life's obstacles. Together we'll design a program for your success. Complimentary 30 minute Intro Session, to see if you need coaching, and if I'm the right coach for you.  

    My goal is to position you in the right positive mindset, become self-motivated, and be your own best coach.  

Packages include written review, and emails between sessions.

           5 Session package $550. 

Contact me, we'll setup a short initial discovery session. We can get to know each other, answer each others' questions, and see if I'm the Personal Coach for you.

   Remote Swing Analysis          

Danny Garcia Baseball Swing Analysis

Easy and convenient. Send a short video, 3 or 4 reps, with a side profile. Include a note with any issues your player may have.  I'll review it, with graphics, and my voiceover, with any adjustments to mechanics I recommend. 

 4 Video reviews in 6 weeks  $140. 

  Platinum Plan  4 Video reviews with 5, 40minute online Life Coaching Sessions.     $499.   For you or your player.

With coach Danny G, you'll see improvement in your player's mechanics and self-confidence after 1 session.

     Contact me for Baseball Specific

        Online Personal Training Plan

           Baseball Lessons

Coach Danny Garcia hittingLessons

Individual  30 minutes $70

      1 Hour  $120

30 minute 5 pack  $300

1 hour 5 pack $500.

2 Players 1hr.  $75 each

Lessons consist of T work, Adjustments, soft toss, BP, mental skills training

Contact me for Baseball Specific

Online Personal Training and Mental Skills Plan

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