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Remote Personal Coaching

Remote personal coaching, was increasing in popularity before Covid-19. The pandemic and social distancing only solidified its' overall use. Personal development coaching, mentoring, counseling, over the phone, email or video conference call is now the norm. Successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and professionals value the convenience of contacting their 'coach' from their home or office. Receive the personal mentoring or coaching you need, when you need it. No ego, or travel its' just you and your coach, private 1 on 1 and at your convenience, from anywhere remotely. In addition to your own comfortable environment, you can, if you choose, move around, walk when you speak, which can lead to better breakthroughs. Most of my clients prefer coaching over the phone instead of video conference calls. They find it eliminates the mental energy of looking at themselves on the screen, or figuring out my micro expressions, or body language. I know occasionally I walk around a room or outside when I'm speaking to a friend on the phone, it just clears my mind, gets the oxygen flowing, keeps me sharp, and new ideas flow.

Feeling safe and secure in your own environment can allow you to open up about your true feelings, fears and personal goals, that you otherwise would not share. Online coaching is not for everyone, but those that utilize it for personal coaching, enjoy the convenience and immediacy, knowing their coach is just a call, or email away. I ease my clients into remote coaching, as coaching in any realm is conducive to the comfort level and trust the coachee has with their coach. You receive counsel, and support, on your terms, in your environment. Successful people of all backgrounds utilize a personal coach to keep them focused. You'll be amazed at the progress you make with your accountability partner, your own coach. I encourage everyone to try it, give it time, and notice the progress you're making in reducing anxiety, building confidence, reaching your goals, and realizing your dreams.

About the Author:

Danny Garcia is an Online Personal Coach, and sports mental skills coach. A former professional baseball player, and coach, he played Major League baseball with the KC Royals. Academically trained in cognitive behavior, he is constantly researching the latest in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral counseling, and practical ways to help clients identify and reach their personal or professional goals, conquer anxiety, and become self-confident. He often writes on the life lessons he learned as a professional athlete and the similarities those insights taught him in having a successful and happy life.

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